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Vistula Group of Universities will be happy to answer any questions you may have about studying or applying to the university. In order for us to answer your inquiries quickly and correctly, we ask that you follow these instructions:

1. Choose a clear subject line

A meaningful subject of your e-mail helps us to understand and answer your requests much faster. Please state your request briefly in the subject line (e.g. “Admission to Vistula”)

2. Don’t forget to include your application number, email or student number

Please always include the appropriate number for your request in your e-mail. We can only answer questions from applicants, who registered through apply.vistula.edu.pl and use the same email address. For enrolled students, we need the student number (Please note that current students must write to the Dean’s Office concerning all the questions).

3. Always reply to the same ticket

If you want to reply or send additional questions, please ask them in the same ticket you have created.

4. Do not send your request more than once

Please do not send us multiple identical requests or inquiries. We will answer your e-mail as soon as possible. Usually, we try to answer all the emails within 2-3 business days. Multiple identical or similar requests will delay processing.

5. Please do not send application documents by e-mail

Online applications to Vistula University are only accepted via the application portal apply.vistula.edu.pl. Application documents must be uploaded there – this is mandatory.
We cannot accept or pre-screen application documents sent by e-mail.

6. Read the information we send you carefully

When you receive a response, please take the time to read the information carefully. If there is information on our website, we will send the appropriate link. Please click on any links sent along and read the contents carefully.

7. Please do not send lists of general questions and check first whether the information you need is accessible online

We often receive lists of questions about basic facts about studying and the university. Please understand that we do not have the capacity to answer such lists of questions point by point. We will help you find the information yourself on our website.

All relevant info on studying and applying for studies is published online. Please use our website to search function before contacting us and also read our FAQ pages.

Thank you for being with Vistula!

26 Jan 2022