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Vistula University provides all students with the opportunity to live in a dormitory belonging to our University.

We have several offers for you.

The best and most comfortable is the “Aramis” dormitory.


Rooms: The Vistula University dormitory is available from October 1, 2024. We will provide you with a clean, comfortable, safe, and aesthetic environment. The rooms are equipped with two single beds, two bedside cabinets, chests of drawers by the beds, two wardrobes, two desks, two office lamps, an electric kettle, and two cups.

Kitchen: Standard kitchen equipment is at your disposal. It consists of kitchen furniture (upper and lower cabinets), two hobs/induction cooker and hobs (8 burners), a built-in sink, two washing machines, two fridges with a freezer, and 6 other elements of equipment – table and chairs and an electric kettle.

Corridor/lobby: Interiors have a clean, matte finish, and security equipment includes smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, CCTV cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, and information and warning signage.

Bathroom: Each room has a bathroom for two people, equipped with a towel rail, shower soap dish, shelves, toilet paper holder, waste bin, and floor mat.


The contract is signed for a year, the first payment for 5 months is 2225 euros + a deposit of 445 euros so the total fee is 2670 euros.

Please check our presentation HERE.


3B Mangalia Str.
02-758 Warsaw

For other offers, please contact us directly at

19 Jul 2024